Review Roundup 27-10-2010

hardwaresecrets reviewed the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 Watt

GeIL, the well-known memory manufacturer, has decided to enter the power supply market, but differently from other memory manufacturers that followed the same path (OCZ, Corsair, etc), they have created an entire new brand, Thortech (named after Thor, the Norse god).

The new Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 W is good power supply, and its interesting digital power meter will make a lot of enthusiasts dreaming on having this unit.

The highlight of the new Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 W is its digital power meter, called “iPower Meter”. This device should be installed in any available 5.25” of your case. It has an LCD display and four buttons: watts/efficiency, volt/amp, fan mode and Celsius/Fahrenheit.

Key Features:

  • 135mm Ball Bearing Fan with smart fan control circuit to provide better system airflow
  • Complies with all the latest Intel and AMD CPU
  • Designed to sustain at 50°C ambient with full wattage output
  • Efficiency performance > 87% with 80Plus Gold certification
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Interleeve Active PFC circuit helps to provide perfect PF value > 0.99
  • iPower Meter: Industry’s 1st interactive PSU control panel, chassis panel mounting 5.25”
  • Low ESR 105°C solid state capacitors
  • Modulized Cable Management
  • MTBF: 120,000 hours
  • Multi-Protection as OCP/ OVP/ OPP/ UVP/ SCP/ OTP
  • Safety Approvals: CUL, TÜV, CB, CE, FCC, CCC
  • Single +12V rail design providing up to 65A (800W)
  • Smart Fan Control Technology Ready
  • Support NVIDIA SLI & ATI Crossfire multiple graphic cards platform
  • Supports ATX 12V V2.3 and EPS 12V V2.91 standards

There is also one detail about its digital power meter that you have to keep in mind. It doesn’t monitor the -12 V and +5VSB outputs, and it may present wrong numbers for total DC power and efficiency if your computer is pulling current from these outputs.

tweaktown reviewed the Sentey Arvina GS-6400B

You will find the Arvina is available in red with a black mesh front panel, all black, or the black and metallic blue version we are going to see here; while the other four groups of cases offer their own personality and little touches that set the Sentey line from all the others. Many of the cases are made for either HTPC or media centers; the Extreme division is everything you think of when you think “gamer” chassis. Let’s see if the Sentey GS-6400 Arvina can impress this gamer/enthusiast.

Sentey calls this a High Tower, and judging by the dimensions and the room on the interior, I would call this a tall mid tower. On the inside you will find room for a m-ATX, ATX, or E-ATX motherboard in the all black interior.

Behind the power switches there is a clear plastic cover that slides back to expose the top I/O. In here you will find the reset button, e-SATA, USB 2.0 and audio and MIC connections. Further back is a long stretch of black steel mesh. Under this section you will find two 120mm blue LED fans exhausting air through this section.

Installing a drive into the tray is really simple. Just release the two tabs on both sides and set the drive in. Then you just align the holes in the drive with the pins on the back of the tabs and press the tabs into the locked position. From here, all you have to do is slide the tray back into the rack until it clicks and locks into place.

The Sentey Arvina GS-6400 has left me feeling good about what this chassis offers for the price segment. The Arvina steps all over a lot of exterior case designs in my opinion, and offers tool-lees features, wire management, along with other amenities we are used to being offered in today’s cases. In a nut shell, you are going to receive a very shiny, attractive looking chassis; with the choice of all black, black and blue, or mostly red with black mesh panels


~ by benchmarkstest on October 27, 2010.

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