Review Roundup november 3 2010 Media Players, Graphics Cards, Mice and Headphones

bigbruin reviewed the ASUS EAH6870 1GB

The EAH6870/2DI2S/1GD5 is presently the only HD6870 based graphics card from ASUS, and while it follows the reference design for most features, it does distinguish itself from the other options on the market by sporting a GPU that is factory overclocked.

We see that the 6000 series of cards implement fewer transistors and shader units than the 5000 series cards, they have a memory clock speed comparable to an HD5850, and the GPU clock speed is the one area where the new series of cards holds an edge on paper.


After what seemed like an eternity of tuning and testing, it finally chose a GPU speed of 990MHz, and a memory speed of 1215MHz.

Another significant difference comes in terms of energy efficiency. At idle the EAH6870 drew about the same amount of power as either the HD5850 or the HD5870, but when under a load the EAH6870 drew about 55 Watts (or 19%) less power. That is a big difference, which might translate to some savings on your electric bill, but will definitely help keep the card cool and quiet.

guru3d reviewed the MSI Radeon HD 6850

The Radeon HD 6800 will segment itself in the mid-range market, whereas the Radeon HD 5800 series will be updated with the Radeon HD 6900 (Cayman) series, with a dual-GPU part named Radeon HD 6900, it also has UVD, short for Universal Video Decoder, synonym to the video processors embedded into the GPU of the graphics card.

The 6870 is clocked a good chunk faster at a nice 900 MHz, it also comes with a full GB of graphics memory. This memory is 256-bit and running at an effective data-rate of 4200 MHz with a peak bandwidth at 134 GB/sec.

storagereview reviewed the Western Digital TV Live Hub WDBABZ0010BBK

While the Live Hub certainly may appeal to the hardcore home A/V nerd, the simplicity and local storage make it work well with a much larger audience. For those without networked storage at home or a firm grasp on organizing digital assets on a computer, the integrated, all-consuming Live Hub makes sense.

The rear of the unit is where all the magic happens. Western Digital included plenty of connections, spanning from the latest and greatest HDMI 1.4-out to the tried-and-true composite video out for compatibility with even the oldest televisions. It also includes component video and analog stereo out line-out jacks, as well as optical audio-out, Ethernet hookup, and a single USB 2.0 port. The only thing not included is S-Video, but considering how few people use that anymore, it saved space by removing it.

The new WD TV Live Hub is a great new media player offering plenty of internal storage from a 1TB 2.5” hard drive, combined with a wide range of codec decoding support, topped off with streaming support from many online sources like BlockBuster On Demand and NetFlix.

ocmodshop reviewed the Patriot Box Office Media Player

With support for the most popular media formats (H.264, ISO, VOB, DivX, xVid, MKV, MOV, MPEG and more) you can remove the limits of your media collection. Box Office offers a variety of ways to connect to your media library: 3 USB ports, internal 2.5″ hard drive (not included), UPnP streaming, 10/100 Ethernet connection and optional WiFi USB adapter.

There is no wireless LAN option in the box, but is available seperately and fits in one of the full-size type-A USB ports. There are a few USB adapters on the market, but users have had mixed results when using them with the Box Office.

The Patriot Box Office media player appliance is by far the most capable video player we’ve currently tested. It can connect up to practically any hosting device you can think of, from local devices to UPNP servers and just about any networked device. It does lack NetFlix and YouTube capability, but this may be coming.

hardwareheaven reviewed the A.C. Ryan Playon!DVR HD

The quality of playback the Playon!DVR HD is to the same high standard we saw on the Playon! HD and Playon! HD Mini. It is able to handle any kind of media we threw at it and the streaming quality from a network source is very good. The review of those products can be found here but the quick summary is that Playon! devices are our number one choice for playing media over a network.

In addition to this the Playon!DVR HD also allows us to remotely connect from anywhere in the world to access our media collection or schedule a recording.

The media playback on the Playon!DVR HD is up to the very high standard we’ve come to expect from A.C. Ryan. Whether we play the media over our network, from the internal drive or from a storage device plugged into the unit quality is top notch and format support exceptional.

overclockershq reviewed the Frogz C240 Iron Headphones

My overall thoughts haven’t changed much in the months since reviewing the first iteration of the cs40’s they are still incredible sounding and well make headphones. The bass , while not as good as the moguls or Ronins, is still better than any other headphones I have tried in its price and size category. The sound quality over all is even more impressive, everything is well balanced and rings very clearly without muddy bass or sibilant treble.

Read more:

pureoverclock reviewed the harkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset

They look sleek, they’re lightweight, versatile, and reasonably priced at about $60. But what about performance? Indeed, this is where headsets make their reputations, so let’s take a closer look and see just how well the Sharkoon X-Tatic SP performs.

The microphone produced very clear transmission of sound, little background noise, and great sound in Teamspeak and Skype. Your clanmates will have no problem fully understanding what you say when you’re in some clan match. I did find the microphone boom is slightly too short, leaving it a bit off to the side. The snake-like design is also very loose, and it won’t take much to move it out of position if you accidentally hit it, say, when eating pizza and gaming at the same time. Since the boom doesn’t swivel, each movement requires you to completely place it back into your preferred position.

The Sharkoon X-Tatic SP is a good product in many respects including aesthetics, ease of use, and portability. For the price, there really isn’t cause for complain; this is not an elite set of cans, so it doesn’t carry the high price tag either.

overclockersclub reviewed the Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset

This headset has been designed specifically for PC gaming, to provide a surround sound experience equal to what you would hear when listening to a home cinema speaker setup.

My disappointment turned into painful annoyance however, as the headset’s peculiar frequency response makes every movie sound like someone pirated it by recording the sound with microphones in a cinema. The bass trails off too early, there is also no punch to the high bass sounds of slams and thumps.

hardwaresecrets reviewed the Mionix Naos 3200 Mouse

There are four Teflon feet on the bottom of the mouse, and the middle part houses the 3200 dpi laser cannon surrounded by the Mionix logo. Unlike the Naos 5000, there is no weight adjustment system. Finally, the cloth-wrapped cable ends in a gold-coated USB plug.

The lack of a weight adjustment system might be a problem, but in our subjective analysis it didn’t bother us while using the mouse for gaming and work. The clicking response of the buttons is precise and the scroll wheel isn’t hard to be pressed. Unfortunately it doesn’t do horizontal scrolling – a feature we look forward to when working with large documents.

Weak Points

* Resolution only goes as high as 3200 dpi
* User can’t create different profiles
* Doesn’t have a weight adjustment system
* No horizontal scrolling
* Body design unfit for left-handed people


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