Review Roundup november 9 2010


tweaktown reviewed the ASUS U35JC-A1


The right side of the notebook has the memory card reader, mic/headphone ports, dual USB ports, Ethernet, and the power port.

The left side of the notebook has a cooling vent, VGA output, HDMI out, and a USB port.

The keyboard is the chicklet style that ASUS uses on most of its notebooks today.

The little ASUS U35JC-A1 did pretty well in the benchmarks, scoring right where I would expect a machine of its price and size to score.

The 13.3-inch screen is highly glossy bringing with it the expected glare in almost any condition. As always, the upside to that glossy screen is that the colors are good for video watching and it has good contrast and black levels.

It has fantastic battery life, which is its stand out feature.



overclockersclub reviewed the ECS Elitegroup P55H-AK



It has just about everything you could ever possibly want in a P55 board including SATA 3, USB 3.0, eSATA 6 Gb/s, Tri-fired SLI/CF, NVIDIA NF200 chip, PLX chip, Dual Gigabit Lan, DDR3 2600+ and more.

The performance of the P55H-AK was right on par with the ASUS and Gigabyte we put it up against.

The only negative I could find on this board was the dual-pipe heat sinks on the MOSFETs and NF200 did tend to get really hot.

This did not in any way hinder the overclocking I did with this board but it would have been nice to have a better cooling solution on the NF200 alone versus all tied together with the MOSFET coolers.



xtremecomputing reviewed the Inno3d nVidia GT 430



Given that the GTX460 is a high-end card, and the GTS450 is more mid-mainstream, I imagine the GT430 will prove to be low-end mainstream.

Reality Check: I’ve got to be honest – unless you are looking specifically for a card which will enhance your blu-ray playback, or assist with Photoshop rendering by using CUDA, or something along them lines, the GT 430 seems a bit of a pointless card – especially since you could pick up a second hand mid-range card (e.g. GTX260) for around £60. This card is not for gamers – it is purely for media/workstation PCs.



neoseeker reviewed the Arctic Sound P531 5.1 Surround Sound Headset



As a 5.1 circumaural surround sound gaming headset, this beast features a center, front, and surround speaker, plus a subwoofer driver in each ear cup.

After a bit of use, I must say that this status-indicator at the top of the in-line controls is HIGHLY annoying. When sound is actually being played through the head-set this bright blue LED flashes… constantly.

The headset does play sound and music that is natively encoded as 5.1, but sound that is encoded as stereo remains stereo.

If it weren’t for that infernal blue flashing LED, and the difficulty that I had in getting the AC3Filter up-sampling filter to work in Windows, I would definitely recommend this headset to anyone who was in the market for a new one.


overclockersonline reviewed the Arctic Cooling Freezer 13


The Freezer 13 is three times the size of the 11 LP with twice the cooling capacity. With its big size and bold name of Freezer, Arctic Cooling is definitely trying to get you to buy it for your next overclocking rig.

The installation process is simple and quick for an Intel i5 machine. Arctic Cooling provides a universal mounting bracket you first position over the CPU socket. The bracket is secured to the motherboard using 4 push pins. I’m not a huge fan of the push pin design because plastic warps easily. After a few uses I found the push pins to spread and not have the same hold as the first installation.

From a noise perspective, in an open air environment the fan provides a constant hum. It is bearable even when only two feet away from the fan. If mounted inside a case, the noise levels will drop considerably and it would be hard to notice the Freezer 13.


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