Review Roundup november 20 2010

OCZ RevoDrive X2 OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0240 240GB SSD tested by benchmarkreviews

The OCZ RevoDrive X2 embraces four independent SandForce SF-1222TA3-SBH (SF-1200) processors in RAID-0 to produce up to 120,000 combined IOPS (with only 7% over-provisioning) to generate maximum performance with optimal capacity.

Our performance rating considers how effective the 240GB OCZ RevoDrive X2 performs in operations against direct competing SSD storage solutions, especially the original RevoDrive. In our benchmark tests, the RevoDrive X2 delivered 831/688 MBps peak read and write speeds using ATTO Disk Benchmark. 831 MB/s measured in ATTO clearly exceeds the manufacturer’s 740 MB/s specified maximum read speed, making this the fastest storage solution Benchmark Reviews has ever tested.

Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speakers tested by anandtech

The Antec rep was adamant that this speaker system be near perfect out of the box, and I believe him. It’s a “basic” 2.1 system: two satellites rated for 25 watts and a frequency response between 10 Hz and 20 kHz, and a large (but surprisingly not too large) subwoofer rated for 100 watts.

What we have here is an excellent 2.1 speaker system that has one crippling flaw: an onerous pricetag. Antec feels the $249 MSRP is reasonable; they’re pitting the speaker system against Bose’s Companion 3 and cite that in their own studies, most people preferred the sound quality of the Rockus 3D.

Antec DF-85 Dark Fleet tested by pureoverclock

Cable management is hardly a challenge with the Antec Dark Force DF-85, but there aren’t many places to hide the cables out of view except in the front drive cages/bays. There’s plenty of interior space to avoid airflow restriction but if you’re a neat freak like me then the aesthetics of the interior won’t be quite as pleasing as we’ve seen on some other cases.

Antec has not let us down with their DF-85 which is brought to market to compete directly with other high airflow cases on the market such as the Cooler Master HAF-X and the AZZA Hurrican 2000.


~ by benchmarkstest on November 20, 2010.

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