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Quality, stability and durability that was first priority when the ASUS engineers designed this mobo, extreme overclocking came second in place, for overclocking the new P67 Maximus seems to be a better board. There are no onboard reset and power buttons, next to that there are no voltage measuring points like on some high-end boards, and there’s not even a clear CMOS button.

The TUF thermal armor doesn’t get in the way of components like the video cards. Long an intensive usage is what the Sabertooth is made for, with its ESD guards, Anti-Surge protection and TUF components.

The design of this mobo is outstanding, with its new thermal armor, TUF components and lots of other features. Overclocking was limited by the 5500MHz barrier, allthough a 61% overclock isn’t bad. Compared to a much cheaper motherboards on the market, it’s of course a real winner.

Features such as EZ-Flash for quick, easy BIOS updates via USB are great. AI Probe is one of the most complete software solutions available for a mainboard around thes days. A 5-year warranty is more than you would get in most cases.


~ by benchmarkstest on April 22, 2011.

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