ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional Review RoundUP

ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional

review Roundup by motherboards-reviews

This mobo was better than the ‘average overclocker’, had an excellent bundle of accessories and the UEFI BIOS is a nice extra, Power Draw under idle conditions was higher than other P67 mobos the reviewers have tested.

From a design point of view ASRock did a really convincing job with this board. The layout is good and this mainboard performs really well. If you want to build a gaming PC then the ASrock P67 Fatal1ty Professional will be a very good choice. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to OC the CPU to more than 4600 MHz.

This mobo is feature-rich and innovative, allthough the Fatal1ty branding is perhaps a bit over the top. ASRock has been on the rise of late, and this mainboard is a continuation of that upward trend, providing consumers with great value and performance.


A core i7 2600K was OCed @ 5.03GHz. The Auto Overclocking feature has presets that are rock solid and allow you to maximize your processor speed in a matter of seconds.


~ by benchmarkstest on April 27, 2011.

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