ASUS MATRIX GTX580 P-2DIS-1536MD5 Review

ASUS MATRIX GeForce GTX580 P-2DIS-1536MD5 Review by guru3d

Noise and cooling, it’s all good. The Direct CUII based cooler does it’s work really well in that segment, under load (default clocks) we stay at roughly 60 Degrees C (during gaming). You can slightly hear it with the default factory clocks but really, that’s all. And heck in IDLE it is the best performing card evah ! The temperatures of this pre-overclocked product remain very low and the sheer looks of the cooler are just dazzling for its size alone. So that part really is great stuff.

Features wise ASUS did well as they where able to include something new and refreshing, it’s a funky card with the onboard control of RPM selection, it’s fun but nothing software can’t do either. You probably use that button once, and never again.


~ by benchmarkstest on June 17, 2011.

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