NZXT HAVIK 120 Review


tested by overclock3d

So we’ve established that the Havik 120 differs from the 140 in a great many ways, but then remember we said these two coolers were brothers we never claimed they were identical twins. I think we’ve also established now that although the Havik 120 differs from the 140 it shares many of it’s strengths. It’s simple and elegant looking, with a trendy black and white finish. It’s relatively quiet even at full revs. It’s well accessorised with the inclusion of fans splitters and spare bungee. But most of all it gets the job done.

Perhaps no surprise, these are single fan units with slim fin stacks. It then goes on to better the and the Hyper 612s and then not content goes on to better the Dark Rock Pro, which is a much much bigger cooler, and by a nats todger narrowly misses getting the better of the Promlimatech super Mega. At 4.2GHz things aren’t so good coming bottom of the pile but not far off the Prime and the DarkRock pro, both of which, like the majority of coolers in the 4.2GHz club are big beefy units with all the associated RAM and case side clearance issues often found with large heat sinks.


~ by benchmarkstest on June 12, 2012.

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