Hardware News and Review RoundUP november 26 2012


The Wii U is now available in North America and retails at $299 (Basic) and $349 (Deluxe) respectively. For more information on the console please visit Nintendo’s official website.

Like the initial K6, the K6-II represented outstanding value, often costing half as much as Intel’s Pentium chips. The final iteration of the K6, the K6-III, was a more complicated CPU, the transistor count now stood at 21.4 million — up from 8.8 million in the first K6, and 9.4 million for the K6-II — and incorporated AMD’s PowerNow!, which dynamically altered clock speeds according to workload. With clock speeds eventually reaching 570MHz, the K6-III was fairly expensive to produce and had a relatively short life span cut short by the arrival of the K7 which was better suited to compete with the Pentium III and beyond.

Review RoundUP

Cases: — CM Storm ReconNanoxia Deep Silence 1

CPU Coolers and Case Fans: — Reeven Vanxie CPU CoolerNZXT FX-120LB and FX-140LB Fan

Desktop PC: — Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012)ASRock Vision X

Video Cards: — Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo 690 VGA Cooler

Keyboards: — QPAD MK-50 – MK-80 and MK-85

Memory: — Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3 2400MHz 8GB Memory Kit

Monitors: — AOC i2757Fm myPlay

Mainbords: — ASUS M5A99X EVO

Mouse: — CM Storm ReconCM Storm Recon

Laptops: — Dell XPS 14

Processors: — AMD A10-5800K

Power Supply: — Kingwin Power Force 850W

Audio and Headsets: — RHA CA-200 Black Noise Isolating Headphones

SSD: — Intel Solid State Drive 335 240GBOCZ Agility 3 120GB

Storage: — ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720


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