Hardware News and Review RoundUP december 14 2012


“That’s the end game for a lot of these semiconductor companies: connect great experiences and long battery life with their chip,” said Francis Sideco, an analyst at IHS.

Industry executives felt that Nvidia’s contracts will keep TSMC’s advanced processing technologies running at high capacity. They are watching whether TSMC will be able to lure Apple contracts away from Samsung in 2013 after winning Nvidia contracts.

Swype. Swype is a keyboard feature that provides a fast way to enter text. It lets you create a word by drawing through letters. Swype also provides additional keyboard functions like copy and paste and the ability to change the keyboard language.

The chief executive of AMD believes in speedy execution, when his company is able to quickly develop a chip solution for market needs. Unfortunately, so far this strategy has been slowing AMD down as the company had to delay the roll-out of its next-generation Steamroller micro-architecture-based central processing units from late 2013 to late 2014.

The actual rollout was delayed until the middle of this year and Intel got vendors like Lenovo, ZTE and Motorola in addition to a host of smaller brands to sign up for their first assault into the smartphone market.

Weak demand has led to prices for 14-inch and 15.6-inch laptop modules with wedge-type backlights falling below $40, almost at manufacturing costs, and the lack of difference between the pricing for the different sizes means some panels are even selling below their value.

Microsoft has, however, been rather cryptic in its public comments on the Office for iOS project, leaving a number of questions about just what the company’s plans are.

Nvidia researchers will work on the program with academic partners at the University of Utah and the University of Virginia. Project Osprey, which is now underway, could, combined with two optional additional phases, continue over the next five and one-half years.

Apple declined comment on any discussions it has been having with Microsoft over Office for iOS, but it did provide a statement on its revenue-share rules.

Windows 8 and Windows RT users are most likely not happy about the decision from Google, and while you can still access Google services through a web browser, having these kinds of services in app form makes the user experience a lot better. Hopefully, the userbase for Windows 8 kicks in enough that Google will see its importance.

Well, for starters, he thinks that the current high cost of memory and processors means that it’s “impossible” for next-gen consoles to make an impact similar to that of the previous generation, and as a result, “the focus of next-gen” is not on graphical horsepower…

Wilson also said the most recent update to Diablo 3, version 1.05, was “our best received patch to date,” citing the number of unique logins and positive community response.

“We were working on getting Dota 2 running on some tablets,” he said. “That ended up being kind of a disappointment. But the good news is that tablets are getting faster very quickly, so I think we’ll get the kind of performance we want and other game developers want in the near future.”

According to the Nikkei business daily Panasonic declined to comment but it does have to sort out its finances. The Japanese company aims to sell $1.34 billion of assets, including buildings and land by the end of March. The company expects an annual net loss of close to $10 billion as it writes off billions in deferred tax assets and goodwill.

As is known, Denver will find home inside next-generation Maxwell graphics processor, therefore, will not quite suite for ultra low-power or general-purpose servers, unless they will require extreme performance in data crunching applications.

The public download was supposed to go live on December 22, the day after doomsday as presumed by the Mayan calendar. But the hacker behind this jailbreak suddenly announced on Twitter that it would go up tonight, and then later announced at the supposed release time that it wasn’t true.

As you might already know, Google Fiber only provides Kansas City with its crazy-fast high-speed internet. In real-world testing, I’ve seen Google Fiber provide 841 Mbps download and 923 Mbps upload speeds. But it’s only installing Fiber in residential areas and won’t be available to businesses for some time.

Review RoundUP

Accessories: — Arctic Dual USB Car Charger

Computer Cases: — SilverStone SG09MSI GT70 Dragon EditionCougar Evolution GalaxyFractal Design Node 605In Win GRone

CPU Coolers and Case Fans: — Corsair H100i Liquid CPU CoolerArctic Freezer i30 CPU CoolerNZXT Respire T40 CPU CoolerNoctua NH-L9i Low Profile CoolerNoctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU CoolerNoctua NH-L9i and NH-L9a Low Profile CPU CoolerSilverStone Heligon HE01 CPU Cooler

Game Controllers: — SteelSeries SRW-S1

Video Cards: — Prolimatech MK-26 VGA CoolerHIS Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X2 GHz Edition

Keyboards: — Enermax Aurora Micro WirelessCorsair Vengeance K90

Memory: — G.Skill TridentX F3-2400C10D-8GTX 2x4GBCorsair Dominator Platinum 4×4 2133 MHzPatriot Intel Extreme Masters DDR3-2400

Monitors: — ASUS MX279

Mainbords: — Sapphire Pure Platinum A85XTECS A85F2-A Golden

Mouse: — Thermaltake eSports Level 10 MThermaltake Level 10 MThermaltake Level 10 M

Multimedia: — ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro ANC Gaming Headset

Laptops: — Samsung ChromebookAcer Aspire S7

Processors: — Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition

Power Supply: — EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 ClassifiedSeasonic Platinum Fanless 520WFractal Design Integra R2 750W

Audio and Headsets: — Sennheiser CX890i HeadphonesASUS ROG Orion Pro HeadsetIneo Alienvibes EP02 Headphones

SSD: — Kingston SSDNow V300 120GBSandisk Extreme SSD 120GB, 240GBSamsung PM-840 256GBCorsair Neutron GTX 240GBADATA XPG SX900 128GB

Storage: — Hitachi Touro Desk Pro 4TB USB 3.0 External HDDShuttle OmniNAS KD20Synology DS-413


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